Wednesday, September 12, 2012

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Feels so nice to have newly shaven legs, fake tan soaking in to my skin (don't judge me, I'm going to a festival tomorrow and I'd rather not have my pasty legs reflect sunlight off them) and to be sitting here eating an apple feeling like I am actually capable of putting food that's good for me in to my body. I have been eating pretty good food lately though, all I need to do now is to start exercising so my body can be nice and toned for summer (one can dream).
So tomorrow I'm off to a small festival at Macquarie uni where I'll be seeing Van She, British India and Ball Park Music amongst other bands I've never heard about. Should be awesome. There's also going to be a beer tent (WHY CAN'T MY GLANDS GO DOWN SO I CAN DRINK ALCOHOL?!), food tents, rides and ofcourse a group of people I can't wait to spend my day with. 
Today isn't going to be quite as stimulating because all I have planned is to take money out that I owe one of my friends, to choose what on earth I'll be wearing tomorrow and my brother will be coming here later on, so I'll probably force him to come down to the beach. I'm in need of my daily walk..that hasn't exactly been so daily the past few weeks. 

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