Saturday, September 15, 2012

Europe trip: French Riviera

After Switzerland, we headed back to France, but this time to the French Riviera. This is the place I tried frogs legs for the first time (never eating that again), went to my first french pebbled beach, went to my second french pebbled beach and swam there, visited a cool market, ate the most amazing lemon and sugar crepe and croque madame, did a bit of shopping and bought a stripy red and white dress, visited a french perfumery and bought a perfume from there, played a ridiculous drinking game (called???) that I lost because I suck, and visited Monaco.    
Monaco was so different to any place I'd ever been to before. There were massive boats and expensive cars everywhere you looked, there was marble in places you would never expect to see it and everything was so perfect. We visited a castle where the prince sometimes stays and saw other impressive buildings and statues briefly before we walked to a place with the most amazing view. We also traveled over the place the grand prix starts..or possibly finishes (anything to do with cars never seems to stay in my memory). The casino we went to was really impressive and saw me losing five euros before I decided I wouldn't test my luck any longer and to take a look outside. A firework show was going on when we walked around the side of the casino and made a perfect end to a perfect night there.

Next stop: Rome.      

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