Tuesday, September 11, 2012

day dates

Spent yesterday with Alsyha in Manly where we grabbed some lunch and went for an ice cream after (food baby got pretty ridiculous). Also managed to see an awesome cockatoo, get my converse completely soaked when I was trying to feel how warm the water was, somehow forget how pigeons gave birth, see pogeons mating, watch a seagull with a broken wing go around looking lost :(, and have a look around in some shops. We also ended up going on some kind of weird car adventure where we got lost and Alysha magically got us back to a familiar place. We had a quick stop at the mall as well before I got dropped off back home. I still get ridiculously proud when my friends have their license and I get the honour of sitting in the passenger seat beside them, I'm a bit weird I know.
Perfect Tuesday if you ask me.  

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