Tuesday, September 25, 2012


On sunday I went to the beach with Alysha and desopite it being a sunny day, the water was freezing so we just sat on the sand and talked. I also gave her a few quick IB-tips for her history essay seeing as that's all we ever seemed to do at school in the past two years.
Yesterday I spent a few hours at the mall with Sarah and bought a new top and necklace to wear today to a job trial that I went to. I was there for an hour from 2pm and just greeted customers and asked if they needed help, and ended up getting the job. This means I can finally start making money and I'll actually have something to do during the week.
Tomorrow morning I'm off to Queensland where I'll be until Friday sometime when my dad and I will start driving back home to Sydney.
So I am no longer unemployed and the drive back to Sydney will add many hours to my L's getting me closer to my red P's. Pretty good week so far.

I actually suck at taking pictures during my everyday life so bear with me for a while, until I get a bit more used to bringing my camera out with me.
Hope you all have a good week and I'll hopefully do a few updates while I'm away.

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