Friday, September 28, 2012

freshly showered and happy as Larry

I'm currently sitting at a table in my aunty's house after almost 12 hours of driving yesterday (I drove 3 hours) then one of the best nights sleep ever. I had such an amazing time in Brisbane. I arrived there Wednesday morning and spent the rest of that day at my dad's working doing a few small jobs. When we got back to the place my dad has been living at up there, we took a dog called Roka for a walk (he's been staying with a family up there who have a pet dog), had some dinner made by my dad and finally settled down in front of the TV to the final episode of Farmer Wants a Wife. The next day I had a short walk with Roka, then got a bus in to the city where I met up with some friends from my Europe trip. After seeing them for a few hours, I got another bus to a place called 'The Valley' where I met up with my dad and two of his work colleagues for dinner at a Himalayan cafe. We also made a last minute decision to grab some dessert at Max Brenner afterwards, where I got a waffle and a dark chocolate frappe. YUM.
Yesterday my dad and I started driving from Brisbane down towards Sydney and we ended up at my aunty's place in the Central Coast at around 9pm then just crashed.
Today I'll be driving to a family gathering for my nan's 93rd birthday then we'll head home where I can unpack, sort some things out for work and just chill.
Pictures from Brisbane and nan's birthday gathering will be up later hopefully!

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