Thursday, August 30, 2012

change of plan

My weekend plans have shifted a bit. Saturday is staying the same, Friday is a question mark right now because I can't decide whether to go or not (Pros: My brother's 21st, getting out, having something to do on a Friday night after being sick and home for so long. Cons: Still not drinking = sober when everyone else is drunk, trek to get back home, only brother and his gf's friends there = awkward) and Sunday plans changed, so now I'll be spending the day with my dad because it just so happens to be fathers day that day.
Even though my weekend doesn't seem as exciting now, I'm not complaining. Another chilled weekend won't do any harm to me, also means I'll have more time to apply for jobs (!!!) and more time to let my body rest to ensure glandular fever won't come back to bite. Things WILL get more exciting when I'm fully recovered.

Forgot to mention that I'm trying out a week without meat. Been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for a while but haven't quite taken the next step. At the moment I'm thinking that I would like to start eating less meat (check) but not cut it out of my diet completely until I'm living by myself and able to cook my own meals.

More Europe trip posts coming soon, I promuse!

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