Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's like you're always stuck in second gear

Created a bit of a fringe in my hair and added a scarf as a headband just for something a bit different this afternoon. Loving hair details right now and always up for a bit of a change so hopefully I'll be brave enough to do some more experimentation in the hair department in the near future. Not sure how it'll work out though because my hair and I never seem to be on good terms, our issue right now being my extreme regrowth that people keep reminding me about. Note to self: FIX YOUR REGROTH.

What else? Well I was in Mona hanging with Mark today and finally got to enjoy the pleasure of a great aussie pie, Friday is my brother and his girlfriend's 21st with their friends, Saturday is my brother's birthday afternoon tea with family (so apparently I've moved up on the sibling scale and am now a friend as well as family to my big bro, proud moment right there), and Sunday is fathers day although I'll most likely be spending majority of the day helping my friend out with a photography assignment. So my weekend is all booked and has given me a few things to look forward to. But for the moment I'm happy sitting in front of the TV (my latest obsession Friends is on of course), with a bowl of warm soup and strawberries waiting as dessert, dreaming of what's soon to come.
Another note to self: As well as fixing your regrowth, don't forget to get off your lazy ass on Saturday morning to hand out resumes so you can get a job and finally start making your own money. That would be pretty swell.    

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