Monday, August 6, 2012

back in the land down under

Home sweet home and back in to the blog world. Well, been here for a few days now (since the 2nd to be exact) but it's only now that this reality is starting to sink in. Once I'm completely settled in, I'll have a few tasks that I'll be working towards getting done:
- Apply for uni
- Find a job
- Catch up with friends
- Go to the doctors about my throat and infected piercing
- Get fit
Feels a bit weird not having any school to go back to but hopefully once I'm working and on the go my life will feel a bit more purposeful. Or maybe when I apply to uni, knowing that I have something to work towards, I'll be satisfied...just feel a bit like I'm in limbo right now I guess.

Oh and Europe? AMAZING. Ok, I did end up spending 9 hours in italian hospitals, get injections in my ass, barely go out because I was sick the whole trip, fuck up my toe, almost faint when I got my belly button pierced and was left to deal with bags that weren't meant to be where they ended up...BUT all the memories, great people I met, new experiences and good times I had definitely make up for all the negatives. I'll have to go in to a more in-depth description of my trip later, but for now, you'll have to satisfy yourself with only a few pictures stolen from other people's facebooks and in the complete wrong order (more to come later, I promise).

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