Sunday, July 1, 2012

sometimes I get this feeling

Last night was my last night going out to Lotus for a few years, can't believe I'm leaving in two days.. 
Yesterday I went in to Luleå with Ching Wen, Derya and Julia and bought the last few things I needed for my trip (toothpaste and a lock for my backpack) and ended up finding a cardigan for half price in a style I've been searching after for many years. We also had some lunch, which I had to wait about half an hour for and when it finally came it was slightly burnt, before I headed back to Boden with Derya and Julia. Yesterday was goodbye to Ching Wen and Derya, today was goodbye (or see you soon) to Jenny and Veronica after spending last night with them and a few hours today.
Ahh so many mixed feelings about leaving! 

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