Friday, June 29, 2012

the mysteries of time

Was so good seeing Jenny and Veronica yesterday after what has felt like such a long time since graduation. Feels pretty good to know I have plans throughout the weekend as well so I can spend time with and say goodbye to some of my favourite people. Why is it time has decided to just go so quickly all of sudden? I'm not ready to say goodbyes and head back home, I've become so used to my life here that it feels like I'm going to have to start all over again in Australia. Scary thoughts but at the same time my whole body is filled with excitement over what is to come. 
Nothing can put me out of my good mood...except maybe my sore throat that I'm afraid might lead to sickness. Hoping that my continuous gurgling with salt water will cure me before I head off on a flight to Stockholm then London.
4 days until I leave!!

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