Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Seems that I've been finding old pictures everywhere. These ones come from my other aunty here in sweden and my mormor.
I remember that horse shirt I was wearing in two of the pictures, was completely obsessed with it and kept refusing to chuck it out no matter how old it got, and I had the same shirt in green as well. Those shirts are a distant memory so it seems my mums pleas for me to exclude them from my life eventually worked, or maybe I just got too big for them, grew up and gave up on being so trendy with my friend the horse.
Second picture makes me feel like I was destined for IB seeing as I was a book nerd even in my earlier days.
Anyway, enough reminiscing of my days as a youngan, despite those days being constantly filled with happiness and always free from stress and worry. Time for me to look ahead and start making plans for the future, which I happend to do today when I packed my backpack for Boden then Europe. Good to know I'm working on getting things sorted for the near future at step, job and university. Sigh.

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