Friday, June 15, 2012

see you on the other side

(My photography)

Said a final goodbye to my morfar yesterday in Kalix church. Hearing Elsy (the woman he was together with) speak to his coffin with a rose in her hand, talking about how they had always planned how things would be when they could no longer walk and how they would sit together in the garden and grow older together, was one of the most heart breaking moments I have ever experienced.
It's scary to think that I may have to stand there one day beside the man i love's coffin and feel empty and lost, while everyone else looks at me with sympathetic eyes, never being able to understand how heart-wrenching such a situation is. Hopefully it will be many many years until I will have to experience something so traumatic but at least now I am able to appreciate more how important it is to cherish every moment we spend with the ones we love.
Typical me thinking so much in to things, but if it makes me realise something then I can do nothing but appreciate the way i think sometimes.

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