Sunday, January 1, 2012

some shit that went down last year

in 2011 . . .
Did you change? not sure if I changed but a lot of things around me changed
Did you dye your hair? Did you get your hair cut? yes, yes
Did you get good grades? in some subjetcs
Did you drive? I got my Ls so yeahh
Did you move at all ? nah
Did you go on any vacations? yep :)
Did you meet any new friends in 2011? yeah a fair few
Did any of your friendships end? yes
Did you dislike anyone? yes
Did you make any new enemies? hope not
Who was your closest friend? sarah
Did you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? so many
IN 2011 I... 
[ ] fell out of love
[ ] was disappointed in someone close
[x] hid a secret
[x] pretended to be happy
[ ] slept under the stars 
[ ] kept your new years resolution
[x] met someone who changed your life
[ ] met one of your idols
[x] changed your outlook on life
[x] sat home all day doing nothing
[ ] pretended to be sick 
[ ] almost died.
[x] given up something important to you
[ ] lost something expensive
[x] learned something new about yourself
[ ] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it 
[ ] made a change in your life
[x] found out who your true friends were
[x] met great people
[x] stayed up til sunrise
[ ] cried over the silliest thing
[ ] was never home on weekends 
[ ] got into a car accident
[x] had friends who were drifting away from you
[ ] had someone close to you die
[ ] had a high cell phone bill
[ ] spent most of your money on food
[ ] saw a celebrity 
[x] gotten sick
[ ] liked more than 5 people at the same time
[x] celebrated Halloween
[x] had a stalker
[ ] mooned someone 
[ ] went over the minutes on your cell phone
[ ] came out of the closet
[x] done something you've regretted
[ ] painted a picture
[ ] wrote a poem
[x] listened to music you couldn't stand
[x] went to a sleepover
[x] laughed till you cried
[ ] laughed till you peed in your pants
[x] visited a foreign country
[ ] cut in a line of waiting people 
Have you had your birthday yet? yes
Pulled an all nighter? yep
Drank Starbucks? I wish
Bought something(s)? so much stuff

What are you thinking about? food
Would you get married if you could right now? no way
How did you feel when you woke up today? like a fucking zombie
Are you good at hiding your feelings? usually yeah
If you could change your eye color would you? want blue eyes so badly so definitely
Have you ever had a really big fight with a bestfriend? yes 
Do you like to have long hair or short hair? long probably
Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it? never
Which of your friends do you argue with the most? no idea
How many texts are in your inbox? cbf to count
Who was your last text from? Derya
Who was the last person you rode in a car with? mum
Who took your profile picture? photobooth
What’s on your bedroom floor right now? my carpet
Do you trust people too easily? a lot of the time yes
Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life? not fully
Last thing you ate? yoghurt
Will you be in bed within twenty minutes? I wish

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