Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sleep deprived and still rolling

I am back from my trip to Perth which ended up being really good :)
Over there I walked along the harbour, visited the maritine museum, had plenty of coffee stops, visited the bell tower and ended up in a video thats going to be online, went shopping in Perth city, went out to dinner with my dads friend and his family, did a wine tour and went to 2 breweries along the way, and had the most amazing banana and date muffin at a small quirky cafe and chocolate brownie at a chocolate factory that day, then headed off the next morning back to Syndey and rushed straight off to a wedding once we'd arrived.
I am so tired right now because I got home late last night and was woken up at 7 this morning because of an unexpected text :\ As well as barely sleeping at all in Perth because of a creaky bed. I doubt my sleep patterns will get better this week seeing as I have plans almost every day this week..time for a few nana naps I'm thinking.

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