Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perth and photo haul

I'm finally off to Perth tomorrow for a few days which means some great tourist time and a fair bit of quality time with the family. I'll make sure to get some good pictures so I can put them up here once I'm back. Other things to come next week are photos of my outfit to a wedding that I'll be going to on Saturday and photos of my coming home party at the basin that will be happening on Monday. Time for me to seriously get my paparazzi on.
I went shopping AGAIN today which made me realise it was about time to make some kind of haul of everything I've bought so far and put it up on here. I tried making a video but it didn't work out seeing as my mac photobooth video never seems to cooperate with me. I didn't take a photo of my jeans, seeing as I was too lazy to put them on, as well as a few pieces of clothing I got from my friend, and there aren't any photos of the makeup I got yesterday because they are already in the previous post. So now it's time for me to present to you my photo haul..

vintage-looking bikini that I got from my friend.

$20 blouse from Paper scissors.

$10 top from Myer. (I was wearing a singlet underneath so it looks a bit odd on the back).

$7.50 top from Myer that was a size 16 that I am going to use as a dress.

$4 el cheapo second-hand sunnies.

$25 (I think) cardie from Cotton on.

2 for $5 impulses: New York and London.

$5 pink hard iphone case.

$2 nail polishes and $2 aqua ring from Rubi shoes.

$2 earrings from Rubi shoes.

Grey hoodie from my friend.

$50 black blazer from Cotton on.

$40 shoes from Rubi shoes and $15 black ballerina flats from Rubi shoes in the background. 

Ok, so hopefully that haul will keep me going for a while...unless I keep shopping at the rate I have been...

I hope you all have a great week and I'll make sure to make another post as soon as I can after I'm home from Perth. 

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