Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yet another post about money..but I seriously need to start thinking about how the rest of my money is going to last me for another few weeks. This week I have to spend money on putt putt, bowling, alcohol, bus rides and tickets for the west side story musical, then next week I have more money needing to be spent on some more alcohol and a piercing and possibly my Ls driving test if I am bothered enough to go do it (great english there, I know). All of this will leave me with about $100 or less left, if my calculations are actually correct, which I am going to put towards either alcohol, another piercing or a GHD hair straightener seeing as the one I have right now is a $20 one from ALDI that doesn't work at all. Let's just hope I don't go back to sweden with nothing left to spend for nights out!

Enough about money though, I thought I would just post some pictures that relate to what I'm getting up to in the next few weeks seeing as this is a blog about my life and all. The first two are just posters of events I want to go to next weekend.

I WILL own this some day!

This and coke=best drink to have ever entered my body.

I'm going to get the cartilage piercing on my right ear but a bit further down than it is in the picture.

And feel free to have a try at practice Ls test if you don't have them already or aren't from Australia: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/driverknowledgetest/demonstrationdriverknowledgetest/index.html

Adios amigos! Will be posting pictures of new clothes that I haven't put up yet tomorrow, I promise :)

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