Saturday, July 23, 2011

The city and the clothes

I have ventured in to the city twice this week and the first time it was a trip on george street visiting a few different places and on thursday it was going to be hot damn on oxford street but I was stupid enough to forget my ID so it ended up just being a movie sesh at someone's place. I have also been bowling which I thought I would fail at but I ended up winning both games which has still got me on a winning high. Today I need to force myself to finish an essay, do some biology study and maybe start a writing task for swedish that's due as soon as I get back to school. Time for me to get back to reality where life isn't just a party 24/7 :( But a small break for a surf with the brother and dad won't hurt..

So I broke my promise about having photos up the day I said I would, but here they finally come after many days of putting it off..

My brother bought me these lace up boots from Sportsgirl which were on sale for $75 and I cannot stop wearing them. I have officially found my new favourite shoes <3

These were marked down to $10 from $90 and I found them in Perth in a really cute boutique. They also have panels of black lace down the sides and small zips at the ankles.

This was another Perth find from a shop that I spent forever in because they had so many amazing and cheap dresses, skirts, leggings and necklaces. I got this dress for $15.

I bought this yesterday for $20 on sale at the basement in Myer. Sailor-inspired dress, check!

This one is a mink pink dress which I found at a market last week for $5. It's a bit hard to tell by this picture what it would look like on, so next time I wear it I'll make sure to get a picture up.

This was the last clothing item I bought in Perth which came from the same place as the other $15 dress (this was the same price) and this on is just a lacy black dress with a cute bow detailing at the top of the dress.

There is also a ring I bought in Perth but I left that at someone's house so I'll have to show that later on and I got something else from Myer with that dress yesterday but I can't put it up because it's for a friend and just in case she looks on here, I don't want her to see what I got her yet.

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