Monday, July 18, 2011


I worked out today that I have dyed my hair close to 10 times now. This has taught me not to try and improve something that is already beyond repair. I have gone from light brown to red to dark brown to orange to orange with blonde blotches to having a freak out and giving in to go to the salon and get it fixed. So I sit here today as a brunette, and a brunette that plans not to try and change her hair for a long time at that.
This week I have to put a lot of focus on the school work I have been avoiding ever since I arrived in Australia because my friends are going back to school after their winter holiday break. Luckily I have a few nights out planned to keep me entertained as well as meeting some more people and booking tickets to my old school's musical that I will be seeing in about two weeks.

Photobooth on my mac never fails to amuse me these days. 

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