Friday, June 10, 2011

random is my middle name

Just thought I'd quickly put up photos of what I went and got at the shops half an hour ago. I was looking for a dress to wear tonight but ended up finding rings in a two-pack from H&M and some really cheap pj shorts on sale from KappAhl which I thought were really cute and cozy.

I also vacuumed the apartment when I got home which was a massive achievement for me and made some dinner which consisted of some fried up frozen veggies with grated cheese and some fried egg mixed in to the bowl...nomnomnom

Just wanted to show the rose I got from who I am now calling "creepy telephone/rose guy". I have to admit though, it is really pretty and smells really nice :)
(terrible photos of me btw but I couldn't be bothered to keep taking photos until I found one I liked seeing as that would most probably take me all night).

Oh, and I thought I'd just put up a photo of some of the bruises I got from my drunken bike-riding adventure...

That's enough random unrelated photos for today, time to put on some music and decide on what I'm going to wear out tonight. Adios amigos.

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