Wednesday, June 8, 2011

loving these summer days

The fact that the sun is shining and that it's 26 degrees outside proves to me that summer really is here. I celebrated with some ice cream and a chill in the park with some great company. Over the weekend I stopped my chocolate, lollies and cake ban which I am now learning wasn't the best idea seeing as there seems to be all kinds of sweet foods popping up everywhere lately. Tomorrow I have "fika" (when you have drinks and cakes in Sweden) with my class then it's off to a friend's place to do some baking for Friday's fika :\
Once I have recovered from my cold I will start bike riding and going out for more walks and today I even started up a calorie counter on the internet so let's hope that helps motivate me to lose the 5kg I have wanted to lose for so long.

Now it's time to spend some time outside and appreciate the small summer I'll be getting before I'm off to australia in 9 DAYS!

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