Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long weekend=alcohol, junk food and plenty of sun

How can you not be happy when a 5 day long weekend presents itself to you? I started mine off straight after school with some ice cream and an amazing friend that helped me dye my hair. I'll make sure to put up pictures once it's fully done because this time it's more of a long process seeing as I am going from dark brown to blonde. I then continued my night on with some alcohol and a great bunch of people. Today, I'll be heading off to Kalix for a few days which means no internet and plenty of time for me to hopefully appreciate the sun and finish off my extended essay...yay :|
Hopefully I'll get a lift back to Boden with my aunty so I can go out with a friend over the weekend on Saturday night, which will make my long weekend one thousand times better.

Here's a few items I found from which is a store that I really miss from Australia because they have a lot of great clothes that are pretty cheap and of good quality too.


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