Tuesday, May 31, 2011

school, more rain, TV and swifty

I am getting so sick of rainy days coming right after really warm and sunny days. Makes me feel like the weather is purposely getting my hopes up only to watch them crash and burn again as soon as the clouds come back out. I am also getting pretty sick of school right now, I just want it to end already so I can relax and sleep in every day of the week instead of waking up early and sitting around at a desk all day attempting to learn when all I can think about is being somewhere else. Something I am not getting sick of however is TV, which brings me to a list of my all time favourite TV shows that I've been watching in 2010/11:

gossip girl
the IT crowd
desperate housewives
america's next top model
project runway
doctor who
how I met your mother
the simpsons
family guy
the hills
the city
the peep show
the inbetweeners
south park

I have probably forgotten a few but seriously if you haven't seen any of these series then go check them out. I'm actually about to watch some top model now before I head off to bed, but first I leave you with this song:

I have been having a little bit of a taylor swift song marathon today and I thought it was fitting to put up one of her latest songs on here.

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