Monday, May 23, 2011


I got 12 hours sleep last night so this had to be the most amazing monday in a long time for me..I usually feel like a zombie every other monday. I am going to put a picture up of the top I had on today because I got some hand-me-downs from my aunty yesterday and this was one of the pieces of clothing I got. I'll get a picture of the other things I got too and put them up sometime when I can be bothered..
I also need to put up Spain pictures which are now actually on my computer, but I haven't had the lust to look through them all and find a few to post because there are so many. I promise that they will be up some time this week though...or next week..

Majority of the clothes I got were just baggy knitted tops, which is a good thing to me seeing as I love baggy clothes and I have been looking for some knitted items to take with me to Australia for the winter I am going to spend there.

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