Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Society Vs me

I hate it how every single day I have to sit here thinking about my weight and my appearance and comparing myself to every other girl I see walk by me. I hate how I write down everything I eat each day and look at the calories and feel so guilty if I eat what I consider too much, while other people can happily chomp down any food they like and enjoy it without any care in the world. I hate how society and media makes young girls believe that they aren't good enough and that beauty is only something that can be seen on the outside. I honestly wish that all people could appreciate curves and realise that thats how a woman is meant to look, and not like a twig that anyone could come and snap in half. My mind seems like a constant battlefield over the thoughts of it being ok to have curves and look like a real woman should and the thoughts of feeling fat all the time and just wanting to be that girl that everyone talks about, the one that people want to look like, with her perfectly slim legs that can pull off any piece of clothing she puts on.
I am so sick of these thoughts taking over my mind and bringing me down all the time, so I have made a compromise with myself; I am going to meet myself halfway. I am going to lose 5kg and after that I am not allowed to complain about my weight and I am not allowed to lose any more weight. Seeing as I can't accept myself for the way I am now, I am going to have to change myself to gain some self-esteem which is just what society wants these days; for girls to change themselves to become the ideal image the media has created in all of our minds. So I have already lost to society, but I really hope that other people out there are strong enough to fight for what we should be seeing in the world; women of all different shapes and sizes that are proud of who they are and what they have.
Just remember though, that everybody is beautiful and original in their own way and even though you may hate a lot of things about yourself, there are millions of people out there that would kill to have that.


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