Monday, March 21, 2011

No regrets, just love

I had a late start today and ended up only having one lesson because my maths teacher was sick and there was some kind of staff meeting after 1 so nobody had any classes then. So when I got home I watched an episode of skins, made myself a hamburger for lunch and watched some tv, meaning that now its time to start doing some school work. First though, I made sure to get a picture of my blouse that I bought on saturday on sale which I am in love with and do not regret buying at all despite my mum telling me she didn't like it. You can't see my shoes but they were just the plain black doc martens.

I look a bit odd today seeing as I usually have my hair out and I was wearing a lot less makeup than usual but ah well...everybody has days where they can't stand the way they look, mine just happens to be in the form of a picture on the internet.

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