Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There is a wild thing inside all of us

So it seems that animal inspired clothing is having a comeback this season in both bold, daring ways and low key ways that just add the final touches to an outfit. This time around though, the clothing should be matched with both black and navy green tones with only a small splash of red on the lips if you feel like making a statement. I have found different ways to wear these animal prints for the upcoming winter season (if you are in Australia) that I think would make a really cute and interesting outfit to wear either at home or going out.

These nails would really stand out matched with a little black dress, some cute heel boots and a touch of red lipstick to top off the look.

Bik Bok.
These pants would be perfect with simply a plain coloured top, some black flats and a cross necklace. If you plan on going out, a black leather jacket could be added to the outfit out in which case you would opt for some black or brown boots instead of the flats.

It doesn't always have to be a bold animal pattern to encompass the animal inspired style, fur jackets (fake fur of course) are really coming back in and its good to show off the style with one of these jackets.

This animal style can even be shown off on smaller items and accessories if you want this style in a more low key way, so just matching an animal patterned scarf with a navy green colour can look really good.

Gina Tricot
These animal prints will always match with a black piece of clothing and if you want a bit more colour make sure to go with navy green. You can always add a touch of red, but its better to have that on the lips because the leopard print and all red look is a bit outdated.

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