Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best way to bring in the holidays

So I got a bus in to the main town today where my plan was to buy a Kurt Cobain shirt but then I decided I needed shoes more desperately. When I couldn't find the right shoes/ couldn't be bothered to try any on I ended up buying a skirt, new wallet, plain white long singlet, a necklace and some folders for my loose papers to help me become more organised for school and exams. I have really started to get in to browns, beiges, greys and navy greens with a bit of a bohemian touch on the jewelry.
Once I got home it was straight to the tv to watch scrubs and eat some chocolate covered nuts with some chocolate milk to wash it down. Now I am  awaiting the simpsons movie which is on tv tonight when I will be chomping away at my dinner of nachos. I couldn't think of a better way to bring on the holidays :)

So anyway, here are my new clothes and wallet that I bought today. Be expecting some pictures of my new shoes as soon as I find them, fall in love with them and buy them disregarding how expensive they may be.

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