Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kurt Cobain

I pulled my Nirvana shirt out of the closet today and decided it was due time to wear it to school again seeing as it was recently Kurt Cobain's birthday. I know I was only one year old when he died, but he has still managed to leave a major impression on my life. He was one of the only people brave enough to show who he was and diss the people that were too afraid to let in change. He didn't care if people judged him for his problems because he knew that nobody was perfect. He didn't care about how he looked because he knew that looks weren't everything and as long as he was doing what he loved, he didn't have to care about anything else.

Anyway, here is what the shirt looks like that I wore today and tomorrow I am actually off to buy another Nirvana shirt that I saw in the shops because I can't think of anything better than having Kurt Cobain's face on my t-shirt.

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