Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back in to the swing of things

What have I been doing since I have been back from Tasmania you ask? These photos would imply that I have mostly been eating, but I promise I have been doing other things as well!
I have been enjoying afternoons at the beach with my parents, a few cold ciders, seafood banquets, home-made meals, and iced chai's by the beach.
Things I have not been enjoying as much is working and writing my essay (attempting to..). I have had a lot of work recently and I have more to come as I am soon moving in to the 2IC position. The bonus is that I will at least not be a poor uni student for a while :)) The problem is that I have no idea how I am going to find time to get a 3000 word essay done by the 30th of this month. I am just going to have to suck it up and work on it every spare moment I get. Wish me luck with that :\

I have no work tomorrow or on Thursday, but tomorrow I am heading to IKEA with Max, Joyce and my mum. I am actually ridiculously excited as I have not been since I have been back in Sydney so this trip is long overdue.
On Thursday I am going to turn myself in to a hermit and work on my essay all day. I want at least 1500 words done by then, so someone please make me feel really bad if I don't.. or do something at least that will motivate me.. I am desperate here.

On a happier note, it is exactly 31 days until I see Sam (but who's counting?) and I have already planned to go and meet him at the airport the day he arrives and taken the days he is here off work. We decided to spend one of the days at the zoo as I have wanted to go with him for ages, but who knows what we will do the rest of the time. I mostly just want to see him again and give him the biggest kiss :)) My god I love that boy so much.


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