Thursday, November 27, 2014


It is exactly two days until my essay is due and I am 2/3 way through. Getting there.
I have been working this entire week but I have today and tomorrow off.. It just sucks that I have to spend my spare time studying.

I am almost done with my christmas shopping though so I am feeling pretty achieved! I wrote a budget today of what I am allowed to spend my money on next time I get paid, and I think I am going to be poor pretty quickly again. As well as christmas and 21st birthday presents, I have to pay my dad back for my gym membership, get a haircut, get my hair coloured, put some money in to savings, buy a book for myself and start saving for the post-christmas sales. Crap.

Aside from writing about my boring essay- and work-filled life, the main reason for this post was to say that it is exactly three weeks from today that I will be heading to the airport to greet Sam :))
It feels like it is taking forever but at the same time going so fast. But nothing makes me happier than the thought of being in his arms again.
At least for now there's wi-fi and free Facebook phone calls.


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