Thursday, October 30, 2014


One of my shifts got changed to today, so I have officially started working! I literally did not stop moving for that entire four and a half hours but on the plus side the time went so quickly and I am counting all that moving as a good form of exercise.
Before work, I picked up something for a halloween costume because I am going out to a halloween-themed night in Manly tomorrow. I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow morning though so that I have some energy for the party, but I also want to go for a walk and get some work done for trimester 3 before my time off in Tasmania with Claire.

I found out after I had finished my shift tonight that UNE had released exam results. It took my a while to check but I was so happy I did. After the most stressful and busiest trimester I have had at University yet, I managed to get 3 High Distinctions and 1 Distinction. Definitely an amazing ending to my day :))

But for now, I can happily sit in front of the tv and relax.
Being able to cuddle Sam would just make everything even more perfect, but it is getting so much closer until I see him again! Can't wait x

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