Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pursuit of happiness

I feel like the older I am, the more bitter I become.
I know it isn't a new year or anything, but I still want to make a resolution for myself. A 21st birthday resolution maybe. I am going to start doing things because I want to do them (not because other people think I should), and to start appreciating things more, and to just let myself have a break every now and then and just have fun instead of always being caught up in study and other tedious tasks.
Basically, I am making a happiness resolution for myself. I will even start writing a happiness journal if that will work.. You never know before you try I guess.

I am generally very happy when it comes to my life and everything I have been able to experience, so this is just more about saying yes to more things, creating more adventures for myself, stopping to appreciate the small things, spending more time with the people I love, and spreading good feelings. Basically, just taking myself back to a place where it was really hard to feel stressed or sad.
After all, what is life without happiness?

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