Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia day

Did the Spit to Manly walk (10km) on Saturday, which had some pretty great views I must say. Claire and I also went to the mall afterwards where I got a pair of heels fixed, bought a new pair of heels and bought a phone case.
Yesterday, on Australia day, Claire, Alysha and I headed to Manly in the afternoon and went to Escape Sundays then got some food after and sat by the beach. I also spent the day listening to and checking up on the hottest 100 and I am fairly pleased because over half of the songs I voted for got pretty high up.
Today is just going to be a chilled day where I can sort out some packing (I'm leaving Sydney next week!!) and watch the walking dead of course. Maybe I'll fit in a sneaky movie or sneaky swim somewhere too.

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