Friday, December 27, 2013

Presents and sales

I have done some shopping in the post-christmas sales and come out pretty satisfied :)
Online I bought Motel leggings, two dresses (one Minkpink, the other I'm not sure about) and a pair of brown sandals.
Then for christmas I got two Westfield vouchers, which I spent at the mall on Dr.Denim jeans and Kookai shorts. I also managed to buy the last of Sam's christmas present while I was shopping and found a white bonds singlet for myself. Now I'm just waiting on my online orders to arrive and I can post pictures of my buys.

Also, in case anyone was wondering what I got for christmas..
A bambi patterned onesie
A pencil with a pink diamond on top
A tiger eye crystal
Driving lessons (5 hours but worth 20 hours in my log book)
An external hard-drive
A $25 Westfield voucher and a $150 one
Choc chip cookies
And Diana Ferrari ballet flats and a Minkpink dress from Sam

Christmas time has treated me pretty well I must say, and now I am just super excited for New Years and Byron.
It's also 6 months for Sam and I today which has made this whole week just even more special, couldn't be happier!

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