Sunday, November 17, 2013


Still hungover from last night but despite so many misshaps, it was still worth it!
Claire, Jeremy and I headed in to the city to see Donny Benet playing at Oxford Art Factory only to accidently go in to the place next door, which we paid an entry fee for. We weren't allowed a refund so we decided to have a drink there before going next door for Donny. When we finally made it to the right place, Donny had already played and left :'(
We decided to go back and chill for a bit at the random place we paid to get in to where we got some photos in a photobooth (which I lost throughout the night) and tried and failed to start a pool game.
Eventually we decided to meet up with my cousin at the place he was but got lost and walked through the city in the rain for who knows how long.
By this point I don't even know how drunk I was but we chilled a bit with my cousin before heading home. Drunkest bus ride of my life right there..
Then of course it was still raining and Jeremy and I had to walk half an hour to get home.

So yep, a very unexpected night that turned out to be quite fun.. somehow..
I have literally just been watching movies, eating shitty food and feeling sorry for myself today.

Tomorrow I am going to be productive though and mail something, do some washing (if it isn't still raining) and work on my essay. I promise I will be more motivated!

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