Thursday, November 14, 2013


The races have been postponed to a later date but it looks like I will be going out on Saturday night so I will still have something to look forward to :)
I also went in to talk about a volunteer position yesterday which will be starting up soon. It will only be one day a week for 5 hours but I'm pretty excited because it's related to psychology, so hopefully I'll learn a lot from it.
Otherwise, I went in to the city for lunch with my brother and mum yesterday.
I also have my kikki.K training next Thursday (6 hours paid training with lunch provided, oh yeah!).
Then there's just my essay to do. I'm making progress and really want it finished, or at least a draft done before Sam comes to Sydney. This may be hard though because he's here in just less than two weeks (!!!!!) and I still have about 2000 left to write on my essay :S. This is what happens whn you decide to pick up a unit over the holidays, bad choice..
Shannon's party is next weekend too, so I'm glad that I have something else to look forward to that doesn't just involve writing an essay.
And then tonight I'm skyping Sam which I feel like I haven't done in ages so I am ridiculously happy about that.

So that's about it. Happy days :)

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