Monday, September 23, 2013

Coming to a close

Productivity has actually been in my favour today.
I participated in some research involving EEG technology, updated my resume, sent in a job application, applied for a place at college next year, wrote my academic mentor profile, listened to a psychologist on Swedish radio and wrote a chapter summary for PSYC102.
I'm hoping to get in another chapter summary and an episode of the walking dead before I go to bed tonight and before classes start up again tomorrow.

Last week I went to an awesome frequent flyer dinner and to the pub afterwards on Wednesday, said goodbye to Sam because he's now on holidays, had Top D cocktails which was great fun, and went to the last formal dinner of the year on Saturday night.

A noise curfew started today meaning that exams are about two weeks away. The stress is starting to set in and I'm longing for freedom from study already.
Hurry up holidays, seriously.

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