Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bellingen round two

So the weekend is over but it felt so good to have a break and see my parents again. The only photos I took from the weekend was of food seeing as it feels like that's what I spent a lot of my time doing. It was actually so sad to go back to college food again after all the amazing food I had with my parents.

In Bellingen we went on the promised land drive, walked around and looked through some shops, had a drink at the pub, I got my hair re-done (back to full blonde!), and of course ate. 
On Saturday we headed over to Armidale and stopped briefly in Dorrigo. In Armidale we had dinner with Sam and the next day mum, dad and I went in to town for some coffee and there was a market on which we spent some time wandering through. My dad got me some hippie pants which have now been named my study pants because they are so ridiculously baggy and comfortable. After the markets, we went back to college where I said goodbye and Sam came around to say a quick goodbye too. 
I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my assignments and spent some time out in the sun for some fresh air. 

Even though I only got a 2 and a half day break these holidays, I feel much more motivated and ready to do some work. Even a few days off is the perfect solution sometimes. 

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