Thursday, July 11, 2013


We had a hens night for fresher wedding on Wednesday night. I wasn't meant to have a big night... until I found out that I had been moved in to the bridal party because someone else had dropped out. So I was made to do many consumptions, went out to the pub and got shitfaced. Typical college life.
I ended up being so hungover that I missed class on Thursday, which makes me worry slightly for my liver.. time for a detox soon?

The actual wedding is tomorrow night and I went in to town to sort out my outfit today (the wedding is hawaiian themed) which I'm pretty happy over. I also bought some gloves and thick socks in town because Armidale is actually pretty freaking cold.
This morning Flick and I went to the college gym so at least I'm attempting to tone up and get fit despite all this drinking that has been going on lately. But speaking of drinking, we have an initiation tonight so wish me luck!

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