Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brb hungover

Another event last night and despite the hangover it resulted in, I had such a fun night.
Being part of the bridal party, I was provided with a costume to fit in with the islander theme, given free alcohol as well as free entry in to the event. I had about six drinks to start off with, had two at the pub then got a free drink at the newie where a few of us headed after the Whitebull.
Hopefully photos taken from the event will be up soon so I can post some on here.

I also have to book an appointment within the next week at the medical centre soon because my skin has been going really dry and red/purple on my knuckles so my dad wanted me to get it checked out.
For now though, I'm considering a nap then some study if I feel up to it because this day seems to be getting more and more painful as it goes on.

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