Sunday, June 16, 2013

Being a tourist in my own city

Two days down of Derya's visit to Australia and I have had such a good time already.
The day she arrived we went down to Manly to have a look around, then to Warringah Mall from there briefly and at night we went down to Manly again to go out to Shore Club and Shark Bar.
Today we went in to the city where we walked across the Harbour Bridge, walked around in the Rocks, had some lunch in Chinatown (Pork buns of course), walked through Hyde Park, visited the state library, walked through the Botannical Gardens where we got slightly lost, Saw the Opera House then finally got the ferry back to Manly where we got a frozen yoghurt from Yoghurtland. Good life choices right there.
Tomorrow's plans are to walk to the light house in Palm Beach then to show Derya around the Northern beaches a bit and possibly try some surfing later on if the swell and weather is alright.

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