Monday, March 25, 2013


I spent this weekend away in Bellingen with my mum and brother. It always feels so good to see people you love after you've been away from them for a little while.
We went in to town the first night, after we made some dinner, and had a short walk around. We stopped somewhere for a drink and a game of pool (Max Vs me) which I won..somehow..
The next day we made a quick breakfast then headed in to town for a coffee and to have a look in a few shops. We went back to where we were staying to make lunch then headed off again to do a driving loop called the Promised Land, where we stopped along the way to have a swim in the river. Afterwards, we had a drink at a pub then headed off to do some canoeing at dusk.
The next day we headed off back to Armidale but stopped at a trout farm on the way (my brother really wanted to for some reason). I got to briefly show my mum and brother Armidale and college before they left to drive back home again. Only two weeks until I'm back in Sydney again though!

Back to reality now though, and yet another week of tests and assignments to get through.

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