Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dark blonde and moving away

I decided it was time for some change yet again. This time I went with the colour "dark blonde" and I'm pretty happy with it. It does look pretty brown, but there blonde tones coming through as well. I still eventually want to add some blonde streaks or tips, just to add some more warmth to the colour.
Speaking of change, I also made a deision to go to UNE for university because the honours program is what I had my heart set on. So I'll be packing up my life and moving away yet again, after being home again for just over 5 months. Although this time I will have more freedom and independence as I'll be moving away by myself. I'm kind of half way between scared and excited because it's all happening so quickly and I have a hell of a lot to sort out still.
But I'm never opposed to some form of change to make life a bit more interesting and I am a strong believer in everything happening for a reason, so hopefully something good comes of this.

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