Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodbye Claire!

Last time shitty phone selfies of Claire and I will appear here for a few months until she gets back from Canada (unless we somehow manage to go out again within the next 5 days). Maybe about time for me to get a bit more creative in terms of photography for my posts.

Distracting myself for the past few days is what I've been doing to take my mind off things. Not entirely successful, but feels good to surround myself with friends and have fun.
On Thursday I went to the post office with my brother to take a photo for my RSA card that should arrive in the mail in the next few weeks. Afterwards I chilled at Claire's all afternoon then we went out to Mona later on where we met up with a group of friends. The whole not planning on drinking thing failed, but made for a fun night.
Yesterday I worked for 7 hours, feeling hungover the whole time, and finished at around 7. Then I went home to get ready to go out in the city with Missa and Claire (others also came to mine before we went out, to just chill with us and see Claire because this was kind of her goodbye thing).
We ended up on Oxford street where we went a gay club called Arq then headed over to Oxford art factory for a while.
Today, Claire and I went over to Mark's for a quick swim and lunch before he was heading off to a concert. The weather wasn't exactly swim-worthy, but I'm not complaining after having missed out outdoor swimming for two years while I was in Sweden.

Tomorrow I'm working, Monday I'm working, Tuesday is my nan's funeral and the rest of the week I'm working a bit more then hopefully catching up with some friends when I get the chance.

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