Sunday, December 16, 2012


Just a quick update. Have been pretty busy lately with work, seeing friends, training, getting an iPhone 5 (!!!) and writing some stuff for my nan's funeral tomorrow.
Last night we lit our third candle (tredje advent), keeping the Swedish traditions alive while in Aus, while we ate a few swedish treats made and bought by mum. Christmas is getting so close, making me more and more excited because of having missed christmas over here for two years. To be honest, I'm not even excited about presents because the iPhone (well part of it at least, because I'm paying for the plan) and nike trainers were more than enough.
I have work again today for 5 hours and this morning after training I've just been moving and sorting out things on both my old and new phones. Nothing special, but after going out two nights in a row last week and still not getting much sleep since then, it's about all I can manage right now.

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