Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Europe trip: Florence

So I'm finally getting around to more posts about traveling in Europe! (sorry about lack of photos though, had to steak these ones off facebook because I can't find my camera at the moment).
Florence was the first city in Italy that we visited. During our time there we went to a place where they made things out of leather and was shown how they made a particular case/box. Afterwards we had a look in the shop and I bought my mum a bookmark made out of leather (obviously) to give her when I was going to see her in Amsterdam. We also had a walking tour in the main city in our time there, but myself and a few others from our group lost the majority of the group and spent our time looking for everyone, but then we just gave up and wondered around ourselves before stopping somewhere to have pizza for lunch. From our aimless wondering we did manage to see a lot of the city.  I also bought a fringe bag for myself at a market stall, which I still use today and that always reminds me of Italy before we met up with all of the group again later that day.
One of the nights there, we went to a karaoke bar where they served drinks in Litre jugs with massive straws coming out. That was actually one of my favourite nights out on the whole trip because a whole group of us were screaming out the lyrics, dancing and the drinks there were so nice (I had a strawberry dacquiri).
Florence was also where we had dinner at a typical Italian restaurant eating traditional foods like pasta, pizza and tiramisu. After that dinner we went to a massive night club called something like the "space disco" (could be completely wrong) and spent most of the night dancing and drinking.
There was a massive building in Florence that I went past that was so beautiful and detailed, can't remember the name unfortunately, which is what really left an impression on me from Florence.

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