Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Yesterday was the most hectic shift at work of my life. I would clean something up, look away then it would be messy again and I would have to repeat the process all over again for who knows how many hours. I also didn't get a break until 8pm (I started at 2) so I was basically dying of thirst and hunger. Not fun but met some really nice people that worked in the city store and was definitely worth it for the pay I was getting. 
I did my first lot of post-christmas shopping today and came out with a singlet top from Kookai, a top, cardigan and necklace from Cotton On, a phone case from the Virgin Mobile store and a belt from Sportsgirl. Tomorrow I'm off to my aunty's for a belated Boxing Day celebration then I have round two of shopping on Saturday. Still looking for shoes, a handbag, a bikini, a jumpsuit (saw it today but didn't have enough to get it because I hadn't been paid yet) and Peter Alexander pyjamas.  
Otherwise I just have work on Sunday, New Year's Eve and a First Aid Kit concert on the 3rd of January to look forward to. 

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