Saturday, December 8, 2012

exhausted, sunburnt and satisfied

Had an incredibly busy but great weekend. On Friday, I woke up for training at 5:30, I had work for a few hours later on then went to the city at night for Hattie's birthday gathering. (stole the photo from her facebook)
On Saturday I went for a  burger then swim with Mark and got INCREDIBLY burnt on my back, saw skyfall with Sarah and at night I went out with Claire in Manly. So many weird things happened from about 7:30 onwards that night that I still can't get my head around, made me realise just how funny drunken randoms can be though. This is things like a 17 year old calling me his girlfriend and saying I'm attractive and repetitively kissing my cheek, a guy on the street asking me to tell his friend on the phone to come to Manly then telling his friend that I'm hot, and 15 year olds (or younger?) on the bus home yelling out "hey sexy lady" when I got up to get off the bus and saying hi to me. Also got to watch a girl go psycho at her boyfriend and scream at him on the streets while everyone watched not knowing what to do. Never have a dull night out over here.
Today I just had work then went with my parents to get an early christmas present that I am so excited about. I'll write about it after christmas though when I do a post on what I did, what I got, etc.

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