Tuesday, October 9, 2012

things to take on board

I've had a bit of a shift in my mindset on particular things recently. These aren't things that are going to completely change the person I am, but they're things I'm working on that will hopefully lead to making me a happier person. They also aren't things that are going to suddenly just happen, but with time they will (hopefully) be integrated in to my daily life.

- To constantly read. Whether it be fiction, history (really interested in reading about the cold war as well as revisiting some topics from the IB), or books in Swedish (to keep up the language, of course). There's so much more out that that I want to learn, so why not start learning about it as soon as I can.
- To wear less makeup. I've cut down on the amount of makeup I use on a daily basis because it's better for my skin and nobody needs to wear a lot of makeup anyway. I still do wear a bit more when I go out and go to work, but only because I think it's fun to get ready on certain occassions.
- To watch or read the news daily. There is so much going on within my country and the world that I have completely missed due to lack of interest in current issues, so I've started to engage myself more in what's going on around me. Somehow, I've started to develop a slight interest in Australian politics, so I might as well keep myself updated.
- To always eat healthy food. Yesterday I ate chips and a burger for lunch and actually felt pretty grossed out afterwards, because I've been eating so healthy in the past weeks. You really notice what a difference food can make to the well being of your body, so I'm trying to only let good stuff in to my system from now on. I'm also eating less and less meat and feel a lot healthier because of it.
- To say yes more often. In the past I have had a tendancy to say no to things due to the simple fact that I can't be bothered. I've tried saying yes more often recently, which has resulted in being able to experience more things that I otherwise wouldn't have that I actually really enjoyed.

That's as far as I've come so far, but a few more things I'm hoping to change in the near future are: to exercise daily, buy clothes that I won't just wear once, allow my heart to take the lead sometimes/ let some walls down, keep in contact with more people I want in my life, decorate my room the way I want, and become better at saving as opposed to wasting the money I make (so I can travel more often).
I'm sure there are more things I need to take on board, but these things I've written down now will keep me occupied for a while...  

Today I'm working 1-5:30pm and I finally get to learn how to use the register. Tomorrow I'm hopefully heading to the city with Sarah to check on the new Topshop, so my mood couldn't be better :)

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