Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Woke up to a phone call from work today saying I had no shifts for the next two weeks because they had over-budgeted. A bummer, but nothing I can really do about it. Looks like the next two weeks I'll have to be very careful about the money I spend.
Yesterday I drove my dad to Liverpool to get some more hours up, ate one of the best chicken rolls ever for lunch, then spent my afternoon with Alysha. We walked down to Freshwater beach and I had my first swim since I've been home. Last night I made dinner for my mum and dad, watched Big Brother (hate to admit it, but I'm addicted) and read my book.
Today I was meant to be working but I might just head down to the mall to swap my new skirt for a smaller size. Tonight Claire is coming over to get ready with me for a halloween gathering then I'll be heading over to Mona Vale with her for drinks and good company.

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